Alaska Gardening Guide, Vol 1


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Ann D. Roberts moved to Alaska as a child  where she lived with her family on a farm off Badger Road. By the time she had moved into town, married R. Dee Roberts, graduated from the University of Alaska, and taught school, she had recovered from a surfeit of gardening as a child to the point where she was interested in gardening on her own.

Over the following years, her entire back yard turned into a garden, winning many ribbons for her organically-grown vegetables. But she grew increasingly more frustrated by the lack of information on growing, specific to Alaska.

As her gardening experience grew, she began to write articles for magazines such as Organic Gardening, explaining how gardening was done in Alaska. At about the same time, she began researching in earnest a book specific to gardening in Alaska.

Ann’s main purpose was not to write what she knew, but to present what the experts knew, so this book is the result of research and interviews with expert growers, Alaska Cooperative Extension Agents, and the staff of what is now known as the Georgeson Botanical Garden at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Ann is an expert researcher. The information in Alaska Gardening Guide is the culmination of years of research and practical Alaska growing experience by many, many people. Ann’s real love is passing on her hard-won knowledge to new generations of gardeners.

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