Horticulturist with Giant Cabbage, as shown on cover of Alaska Gardening Guide. Click to view larger. Alaska Gardening Guide, Vol 1
Alaska Gardening 
Guide, Vol 1

ISBN # 1-888125-54-3  - $29.95, second printing
paperback with 352 pages of Alaska garden information
and over 200 photographs and diagrams.

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Author's Calendar

2012 Schedule:

Ann is busy working on Volume 2, a book on perennials and lawns. But she will be taking time out to sign books and learn, both from gardeners who attend the signings, and from classes and lectures at a few gardening conferences. Here is her schedule right now:

To get Ann for your event or signing, email
author**@**alaskagardeningguide.com (delete asterisks).


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