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Alaska Gardening 
Guide, Vol 1

ISBN # 1-888125-54-3  - $29.95, second printing
paperback with 352 pages of Alaska garden information
and over 200 photographs and diagrams.

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Alaska Gardening Information!

At last! A gardening book especially for Alaska and other northern climates! 

This book is no light-weight in the field of gardening. It is 352 pages of detailed information to help northern gardeners have the best garden they ever had. Included here are 17 pages of index alone, as well as an appendix which includes the recommended variety lists put out by the Alaska Cooperative Extension Service.

ISBN # 1-888125-54-3 $29.95  - paperback with 352 pages and over 200 photographs and diagrams.

Book Description
If you can garden well in Alaska, with its immense size and varied climates, you should be able to garden in any northern area, from Canada to Maine, from Norway to northern Oregon. This is a hands-on, how-to book of information which reveals the secrets of generations of experts in cold climate gardening. It provides Alaskans (whether cheechako or sourdough) with the special knowledge they need to succeed in their state, and other northern gardeners the techniques that will help them meet their own unique growing challenges, no matter where they live and garden.

The book is arranged in three parts; a section on planting basics for the beginning gardener, a more in-depth section dealing with specific problems encountered in the various areas in Alaska (like cold soil, premature bolting to seed, or heavy precipitation), and a final section packed full of techniques and tips for raising particular vegetables.

See the Table of Contents to see what Alaska garden information is included.

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